What is Pine Script?

Pine Script is a powerful scripting language developed by Trading View to create custom indicators, backtesting, or create trading strategies where it let users use built-in functions and technical analysis easily without hassle.

Pine Script is not based on any language but if you are a coder and know how to code on time series data, you will pick it up fairly quickly and the scripting has the same similarities with Python.

It does not have any desktop IDE as it can be created within Pine Editor in Trading View and it will be embedded in Trading View charts.

How to get started with Pine Script?

It is very simple to code in Pine Script, you simply need an account in Trading View, simply head over to the chart section and you will see a Pine Editor on the bottom of the page

Pine Editor for you to code and compile Pine Script at TradingView.com

Why Pine Script is so powerful?

If you code in TradingView, you will not need to worry about Data, live streaming data from worldwide exchanges is provided to you at a very minimal cost per month. They have a very comprehensive database of data feeds regardless of any asset class you want to trade.

The best part of Pine Script is the platform able to handle Multi Time Frame easily with security() function. You can specify which time frame and what is the calculation that you wanted to do, poof! , it work out easily.

Can Pine Script create custom alert?

With Pine Script, you are able to create alerts with either alert() function or alertcondition() function, alerts are limited based on your account plan. The maximum number of alertcondition() you can set is 400 with a Premium Account.

Can I send TradingView alerts to other platforms such as Telegram?

That is why we created TradingHook, with our platform you can send alerts to our webhook and set the messages to be sent to Telegram. We are also developing algo trading function which you may create orders with your broker with TradingView alerts.

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